Our Products

We are always working on providing quality products at the best pricing, through our strategic partnerships and global relationships.

PPE & Medical Supplies

We provide various types of masks, respirators, face shields, gloves, gowns, surgical apparel, hand and surface sanitizers, contactless thermometers, ventilators, sterilization tunnels, and more for COVID control and abatement.

COVID Testing Kits

Our most popular, 15-minute, antigen-type COVID test kits are available for sale and distribution.

                       US FDA-approved test kits!

Vehicles & Outdoor Equipment

We supply military and police vehicles from motorcycles to armored personnel carriers, along with outdoor equipment such as tents, mess kits, entrenching tools, and other support gear of all types, custom fabricated for all climates and terrains.

Protective Wear & Equipment

We offer all grades of high-quality body armor, helmets, riot shields, boots, belts, uniforms, harnesses, and other tactical gear for both regular military and civilian police use in custom colors, cuts, and camouflage patterns.

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