Ms. Rene Watson is currently the CEO and co-founder of MPC Global Solutions, LLC., based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a veteran-and-woman-owned business specializing in three discrete areas of concentration: high-level corporate consulting, manufacturing process development and improvement, and global sales of PPE and medical supplies as well as police/military gear and safety equipment. Ms. Watson is also President of Far-East Advisory Inc., a New York-based consultancy firm specializing in business development in Asia and Japanese – American corporate relations.

Before her leadership with MPC, Rene helped to create and manage several businesses. Since 2014, she has served as Chairman of Empire Resorts International, Co., Ltd., a corporation based in Kobe, Japan, that specializes in land development, government licensing and compliance, and other public/private project planning/coordination. Their network of scientists, government entities, and manufacturing corporations has been essential to their growth across Japan.

Ms. Watson has worked in the fields of marketing, sales, and international business development for over 20 years. She is currently a member of a United Nations Economic Social Council Consultative Status NGO that utilizes martial arts alongside its masters to educate women, children, and law enforcement personnel around the globe about self-defense and personal awareness. She still serves as a Global Ambassador and Senior Executive Manager for the Jackson Family Foundation & Jackson Development and Marketing Corporation.

She has broad experience in operational and medical staff management and has been indispensable to the development and execution of MPC’s international relationships and strategies. She has an innate talent and natural aptitude for bringing people and organizations together for a concrete realization of their collective goals.