Anti-Viral Fabric Manufacturing

We purchase the highest-quality fabrics directly from the manufacturers to suit our customers’ requirements.

Our custom-formulated, proprietary antimicrobial chemical treatments are compounded with Eco-friendly materials that are proven safe for humans and pets.

Our formulations deactivate viruses and kill bacteria and fungi on contact, acting quickly to drastically reduce or completely eliminate pathogen “loads” on the fabrics.

Our coatings are based on “green” chemistry: no toxic solvents are used in the coatings or processes.

Our state-of-the-art coating equipment is dedicated to a single purpose: reliably and consistently treating our customers’ products to the highest quality standards.

We can deliver 3,000-meter rolls of antimicrobial nonwoven fabrics at widths from 17.5 cm to 90 cm and woven fabrics at widths up to 150 cm. Plans are being prepared to increase the widths of the nonwoven rolls as immediately as business conditions dictate.

Our administrative, quality, production, and customer service processes are constantly monitored, audited, and analyzed to help us take advantage of any opportunities for improvement.

Custom widths and treatment types, and “blind” or private-label packaging are available options.

Worldwide, door-to-door shipping to five continents via land, sea, and air is done through our broad network of reliable, experienced carriers and freight forwarders.

Please call 888-725-4717 to discuss your requirements.